Save Liverpool Plains from Shenhua coal mine

Mining is okay, but not near prime agricultural land.

If you want to stop this madness, don't vote for the NSW Liberal Party (i.e. Mike Baird) this weekend.

I would never vote for The Greens at federal level, but I will vote for them at the state level to stop this insane madness of mining near farms and water catchments.

Actor Michael Caton also has a video on Facebook suggesting who to vote for to avoid these mining disasters.

File under: your food, your future.

NSW Electricity to be sold to China

So, you probably don't want to vote for the Liberals (i.e. comrade Mike Baird) in this weekend's NSW state election here in Australia.
NSW election 2015: Government slams 'racist' campaign against Chinese electricity network investment

A union campaign against Chinese investment in New South Wales' electricity assets is racist and puts trade relationships at risk, the state's Treasurer says.

The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) is running an advertising campaign claiming China's government-owned State Grid Corporation is a "likely buyer" of leases over the state's power network.

The state's Coalition Government is seeking a mandate to partially privatise state-owned electricity assets and Treasurer Andrew Constance met with State Grid Corporation representatives late last year.
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Sweden is headed towards a cliff

Spooky Dale Hurd has made another cheery video about Muslim immigration. Via GatesofVienna:

The following video is from the “Warnings” series aired on CBN. In it Dale Hurd interviews an immigrant to Sweden (who is also an economic researcher) about the economic effects of the refugee crisis in Sweden, and the increasingly deluded response of the Swedish elites.

File under: an irrational immigration cult.

Does China have a secret plan to take America’s place?

Of course they do.

Mandarin speaker, and former panda hugger, Dr Michael Pillsbury provides evidence, in their own words, of the Chinese plan to restore their historical place as the global superpower.

File under: The Art Of War.

Jake Bilardi :: a victim of Western dementia

Jake Bilardi was an unlikely suicide bomber for Islamic State. The gentle teenager from Melbourne (Australia) dreamed of becoming a political journalist.

Yet the more he studied politics and history, the more he formed the view that Muslims (and others) were oppressed victims of aggressive Western/colonial powers. Muslims were simply freedom fighters. He viewed democracy as a sham, which should be overthrown by violent global revolution (and he had terrorism plans for Melbourne).

And this political view eventually morphed into a love for the religion of Islam.

He spoke as if he had a deep knowledge of Islam, but yet still seemed to hold the view that fighting for Islam is only justified in self-defence. (But both Islam and Islamic State advocate offensive violence, so go figure). He only mentions the prophet Muhammad once in his manifesto, so I dare say he didn't really know Islam as well as he thought he did.

Anyway, the whole shebang is a consequence of the demented Western policy regarding Islam.

The only sane policy regarding Islam is to acknowledge that it is inherently predisposed towards a violent interpretation, and thus Islam is a clear and present danger to the non-Muslim world.

Hence the appropriate policy is to somehow keep Muslims and Westerners separated, and to leave each other alone, as far as possible.

Bilardi had a demented view of both Islam and the West, caused by the media, academia, and political class who live in a fantasy land that breeds idiot children like Bilardi through their narratives of "Islam means peace" and "Westerners are evil colonial racists" etc.

So, don't be surprised if some kids grow up and actually believe these demented narratives.

You can read his tortured manifesto here.

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