The Troubling Math of Muslim Migration

I don't read NRO but I think it's a popular so-called "conservative" website. This article calling for an end to Muslim immigration is a welcome break from the usual demented groupthink on such websites.

The Troubling Math of Muslim Migration
Preventing a Paris-style attack is, in part, a numbers game. Americans don’t seem to be paying attention.
By Ian Tuttle
A major Islamist terror attack in France was only a matter of time. For several decades, the country has invited immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa en masse – first to bolster the labor force in the rebuilding years that followed World War II, then out of multicultural impulses that prevailed over prudential considerations. That radical Islam was transplanted to France, grew in strength and extent, and bore this week’s hideous fruit was not difficult to predict. The same is not unlikely in Sweden, Belgium, Germany, and elsewhere.

Demographics may not be the whole of destiny, but they are certainly a good part, and across the Atlantic, the United States seems increasingly to be turning toward Western Europe’s most undesirable demographic trends...

... it can hardly be considered surprising that as the Muslim population in the country has expanded, so has the incidence of radicalism...

But the potential threats of a permissive immigration policy are multigenerational. France has spent decades ushering in its recent fate...

Radicalism seems to ferment as much, if not more so, among first-generation Westerners as among their immigrant parents. Which means that massive Muslim immigration may have few visible repercussions today — but a great many tomorrow.

That reality is becoming manifest in the United States...

Suggesting a correlation between the number of Muslims in the country and the incidence of radicalism is, of course, considered insensitive, if not downright “Islamophobic.”

But the only point here is a mathematical one: Whatever the percentage of Muslims who support or would ever consider supporting jihadism, the raw number obviously increases along with the total number of Muslims. One percent of 10 million is much larger than 1 percent of 1 million. The questions is, at what point does the radical population achieve a kind of critical mass?

This need not be inevitable. America’s immigration policy can be tailored to address this challenge. Unfortunately, the available measures will be only minimally effective without a significant change of political circumstances.

The most obvious prophylactic would be to simply reduce the numbers of immigrants permitted from Muslim-majority countries. Reducing the numbers of immigrants from those countries allowed into the U.S. would reduce opportunities for many good, hard-working folk, yes, but it would almost certainly reduce the number of radical Islamists entering the country as well, making it much more difficult for those so inclined to wreak havoc within our borders, or to entrap the young and impressionable. That would help to reduce the likelihood both of terrorist activity currently and a generation hence. However, while Congress has the authority to legislate such a change, it would meet with fierce opposition from some quarters. A more plausible solution would be to reduce immigration from these countries as part of an across-the-board immigration reduction — although that, too, is improbable anytime soon. Those may of course both be too dramatic: One milder alternative would be to shift immigration priorities toward fellow English-speaking nations and liberal democracies...

But the potential problems associated with massive Muslim immigration, and potential solutions, must be addressed now, when they can still be implemented thoughtfully — not in the wake of an instance of large-scale domestic terrorism.

The attack on Charlie Hebdo was not inevitable, but years of permissive immigration policy made it more and more likely. If we want to reduce the probability of a similar attack inside America’s borders, we should recognize France’s mistake, and reform immigration policies that simply do not add up.
Here's hoping other "conservative" websites like FrontPageMagFreeBeacon and DailyCaller can also break their silence, and call for an end to Muslim immigration.

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I Hereby Renounce Atheism (As An Identity)

I don't believe in gods. I believe in human reason, and the pursuit of happiness.

So, the default label for someone like me is an "atheist".

I've probably disowned that label a few times before, due to the pervasive atheist behaviour of (a) in-your-face criticism of religion and (b) left-liberal-lunatic politics. Both unappealing.

But now I formally renounce atheism as an identity. Why?

Read this and see these pictures (keep scrolling down), and then reach for the bucket.

Not sure what to call myself now. Maybe a humanist, but that label comes with its own borderless one-world politics, so who knows...

Our Freedom is Under Attack -- Geert Wilders

Message Geert Wilders on Paris attack:

This is not the end of the misery, but just the beginning. Our elites have saddled us with an enormous problem...

No one can deny the truth any longer. It is Islam that inspires the murderers every time again. It is Muhammad, the so-called "prophet". It is the Koran that is the problem, and nothing else...

The time of looking away should now stop. Only tough measures can prevent further bloodshed. We have to de-Islamise our country, all immigration from Islamic countries must stop, jihadis should leave the country and never return. We must close our borders, introduce our own border controls, and leave Schengen. And we must deploy the army to protect our railways, shopping malls and streets.

Tough measures. Enough is enough... Today is a day of mourning... but it's also a day to finally start our liberation. Tomorrow should be a day that is better than today, not worse. A day with less Islam. A day of regained freedom.
Via Gates of Vienna.

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Geert Wilders: The West is at war and should de-Islamize

Geert Wilders, The West is at war and should de-Islamize:
The assassinations of ten journalists and two policemen today in Paris serve as a warning to all the countries in the free world. We are at war. Charlie Hebdo was under police protection following numerous threats because of its outspoken criticism of Islam. Despite the protection by the police, terrorists were able to murder their opponents.

Western governments have to realize that we are at war. We should no longer show any respect for an ideology that rejects our fundamental values. The only way to defend our democratic values and fundamental freedoms is to start the de-Islamization of our societies.

Geert Wilders: "We have to close our borders, reinstate border controls, get rid of political correctness, introduce administrative detention, and stop immigration from Islamic countries. We must defend ourselves. Enough is enough."
Is there a more pathetic sight than the arrival of these vapid fools?

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