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This song is interesting for two reasons (a) it's a beautiful song about a soldier counting down the days until they return home but (b) it's also implicitly a haunting song about the utter intellectual bankruptcy of a Western world that refuses to study the Islamic religion and what it actually teaches (hint: The Taliban, Al Qaeda and ISIS are pure Islam).

You can't deny the other side don't wanna die anymore than we do.

What I'm trying to say is: don't they pray to the same god that we do?

I'm not fighting for justice, I'm not fighting for freedom

I am just fighting for my life, another day in this world here

I just do what I've been told, we're just the gravel on the road

And only the lucky ones come home

On the day after tomorrow.
Er, no they don't pray to the same god, that's precisely the point. Their god loves death more than life. Their god promises them virgins in heaven if they die fighting to expand Islam. Their god's prophet beheaded a whole Jewish tribe, and many other atrocities. As Wafa Sultan's book suggests, it's A God Who Hates.

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The Power of Community Building :: Bart Campolo

Probably the key problem facing the West is the triumph of individualism at the expense of acting strategically and cohesively in the interests of our group. Diverse immigration and making China rich with our trade are suicidal from the perspective of our group. Such policies arise because we are no longer acting rationally in our group's interest.

The answer to that problem lies in rebuilding communities where we can all belong to something, and start acting cohesively and intelligently in our own interests again.

The West might be too culturally fractured to come back together as one mono-culture, so we might be a collection of different subgroups, who respect and coordinate with each other.

I don't know who Bart Campolo is, or what his politics are. (He was an evangelical preacher, and is now non-religious). We can assume his politics are left-liberal-lunatic as usual. But that's not the point of this video. It's about the importance of community building in attracting and retaining lifelong followers to your movement.

He's talking from a non-religious perspective, but is not too irreverent. It should be of interest to anyone concerned about rebuilding community and thereby rebuilding the West. It's a very good talk.

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Beheading plot in Sydney, Australia, ordered by ISIS

... the biggest counter-terrorism operation in Australia's history.

15 people have been detained in Sydney and Brisbane and one man has been charged with planning a terrorist attack on Australian soil.

Police allege he was ordered to behead random people in public. The order came from Mohammad Ali Baryalei ... the most senior Australian member of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq...
The horrific details of the plot alleged by police were revealed when Omarjan Azari appeared in court today, accused of planning a terrorist attack.

Police say they had Azari under surveillance since May this year, but had to act after intercepting a phone call two days ago, which they say was between Azari and a senior Australian militant in the Middle East who was exhorting him to kidnap and execute a random selection of people in public.
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Mohammedan, not Muslim

Another great video by Dr. Bill Warner. By using the terms Mohammedan instead of Muslim, and Mohammedism instead of Islam, it puts the spotlight onto the character of Mohammed, the warlord. There are 90 verses in the Koran which say that Mohammed is the perfect role model, for all Muslims, for all time. To understand Islam, you need to understand Mohammed. Islam is the worship of Allah, and the imitation of Mohammed, but primarily the imitation of Mohammed.

Bill Warner, The Life of Mohammed:
In Medina, Mohammed sat all day long beside his 12-year-old wife while they watched as the heads of 800 Jews were removed by sword. Their heads were cut off because they had said that Mohammed was not the prophet of Allah. Muslims view these deaths as necessary because denying Mohammed’s prophet-hood was an offense against Islam, and beheading is the accepted method of punishment, sanctioned by Allah.
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Via GatesOfVienna.

An immigrant surge en route to a Third World USA

Wesley Pruden, An immigrant surge en route to a Third World USA:
This is the ‘fundamental transformation’ Obama promised.

Maybe we’ve been conned. There’s a growing recognition that Barack Obama is an incompetent poser, working out of his depth...

Everything he touches becomes a bloody mess ... Iraq, Syria, Egypt ... Russia ...

The “humanitarian crisis” on the southern border is the most persuasive evidence of all that America is adrift in a sea of incompetence...

However, this may be ascribing to incompetence what is better explained by conspiracy. Mr. Obama promised in 2008 that he intended to transform America, and he is well on his way. Anyone who looked closely at the man and the influences that shaped who he would become risked being called a racist ...

The ruins of American foreign policy are not likely to catch the attention of a culture drunk on the entertainment of the trivial... But everybody begins to notice when the chaos comes close, ... under the weight of a tsunami of illegal immigration...

“Either we’re going to enforce our laws and remain strong, economically or otherwise, or we ignore the rule of law and go to being a Third World country,” Rep. Louie Gohmert, a Republican, told Fox News...

No one knows this better than Barack Obama. Making the United States over into a Third World country is exactly what this president is about. He is of the Third World... He and his Chicago cohort of potheads ... entertained themselves with fantasies of how they would one day transform the land of the free and the home of the brave into a nation worthy of taking its rightful place among the nations of the Third World.

Mr. Obama sounds like that captain who can’t make sense of the navigation charts, but it may be an act. He understands navigation very well. He talks of deporting the illegal children, of appointing hundreds of immigration judges and opening a vast new network of “detention facilities.” ...

But he has no intention of deporting more than a few token illegals...

Of course, once the transformation of America is complete, and there’s not much difference between Indiana and El Salvador, ... the invasions will cease... Nobody will want to come here, because it will be no better than the miserable places they would leave behind. We have seen the Obama future, and it doesn’t work.
Via Bill Gertz.

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