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Merkel broke the EU with refugee flood

Here is my guess at why Brits voted to leave the EU. It was the haunting images of the flood of refugees flowing into Europe, a literal invasion, which Merkel welcomed and encouraged with open arms. And the threat of Turkey joining the EU loomed ominously too.

These sorts of images are burned into the brain. They are a symbol of the complete insanity of our current political class. Such pictures show that the Western world is in serious trouble, and headed for oblivion if we don't find new leaders, and new paradigms, and quickly.

Congrats to the Brits for restoring some sanity. I don't know why Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain.

File under: peak globalism.

The Brits have had their vote on immigration. Now it’s Australia’s turn.

This video comes via Oz Conservative. It's another option for Australian voters at this weekend's election.

Sustainable Australia wants to seriously cut back on immigration levels, but purely for reasons of sustainability i.e. environment, infrastructure, and quality of life. And they want to curb foreign ownership which is spiking housing affordability.

So, they aren't an alt-right or identity-based party, but given the lack of choices in Australian politics, they might be worth voting for if you can't find anyone better.

We need to talk about Muhammad (Orlando roundup)

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Australian Senate candidate Kirralie Smith weighs in ...

File under: religion of peace.

The 5 (or so) mindsets in Australian politics

With a record 15% of Australians set to vote for fringe candidates at the next federal election, here's my take on the current major mindsets in Australian politics.

Yes, there are many more distinctions than these 5, but these are the important forces, as I see it.


Here we have folks who are:

- Pessimistic/skeptical about the "peaceful" nature of Islam and China.
- Have reservations about mass immigration, free trade and foreign ownership.
- Are more concerned about community, culture and social cohesion, than about individualism.
- Long-term thinkers.
- Mostly white folks.


Here we have folks like current leader Malcolm Turnbull who recently professed:

"There has never been a more exciting time to be alive than today and there has never been a more exciting time to be an Australian".

It's sunshine, rainbows and lollipops all the way with these folks.


This mindset is more prevalent in the bureaucracy than in politics. It's the police, intelligence agencies, defence, and other departments. These are the folks trying to keep the peace, and just want everyone to get along. These folks are on the frontline of containing the chaos of diversity, and containing the attacks from China (possibly even beyond hacking). They're probably fighting a losing battle against a growing Muslim population, and an endless number of covert attacks from China.


These are the folks who want radical diversity to flourish in every corner of life. There is no escape from these folks: every micro-aggression, every thought, and every speech, must be censored so that radicals everywhere are "welcomed" and "accepted". Best to back away slowly from these folks, they are quite mad.


Here we have the growing immigrant anti-white identity politics. It's not represented by any political party yet, although there was one all-Chinese group in the last NSW election. These folks will mostly vote Labor or Green just to open the borders to more immigration. And can you imagine what immigration levels will be like once these folks gain power? Head for the hills.

------------ Looking Ahead -----------

So, looking ahead, which mindsets are likely to prevail? My guess is that groups 1 and 5 will grow, with identity politics solidifying further. Meanwhile, the oddball groups in the middle, 2 & 4, will wither and die under the chaos of diversity and the growing spectre of China as it casts a terrifying shadow further across the region. And the "Fire Department" will remain continuously overworked.

Which brings us to a possible future divide in Australian politics that will dwarf all other divisions.


As China's power grows in the region, and America hesitates to defend its allies here, and perhaps even turns isolationist (e.g. Trump), Australia faces the scary prospect of trying to resist the power of China, without the aid of America, relying only on allies in the region.

In this regard, if Australians comes to their senses, the most important political distinction in the future will be between the Sinophiles and Sinophobes.

Our current leader Malcolm Turbull is clearly a perplexing Sinophile, seemingly even worse than Rudd was. And if (a) America abandons the Asian region and (b) more Australians follow Turnbull and kowtow to China, then Australia may well be the first Western country to fall. 

Will enough Australians recognise the threat of China before it's too late? Who knows. But this distinction (Sinophiles v. Sinophobes) is probably the most important for Australia's future.

So, who am I voting for? That's like asking: what don't I want for dinner? There's not much to choose from. Yes, the Australian Liberty Alliance stands against Muslim immigration, and that's great.

But the biggest threat to Australia is not Muslims (unless they go nuclear terrorism). No, the biggest threats are (a) Asian immigration and (b) the rise of China.

And the only people who stand against these threats are really on the fringe e.g. Pauline Hanson, One Nation Party, Australia First Party, Australian Protectionist Party, Australian Party For Freedom, etc.

File under: pessimistic Sinophobia.

Confucius Institutes: Academic Malware

Here in Australia there's talk about the Confucius Institutes in schools and universities. It's obvious that these are subtle agents of Chinese propaganda, seeking to control what people think about critical issues (South China Sea disputes, Taiwan, Tibet, Uighurs etc) and paint an image of China as always peaceful and never seeking hegemony or conflict. China is the gold medalist in propaganda. They want to control your thoughts, just like they control the Chinese people's.
Behind Confucius Classrooms: the Chinese government agency teaching NSW school students:

NSW public schools are being paid at least $10,000 a year by a Chinese government body to offer its Chinese language and culture courses, and some schools make it compulsory to attend.

Despite concerns over the appropriateness of outsourcing public school lesson time to a foreign government body, the state government expanded the program - known as Confucius Classrooms - to a further six schools in late 2015.

These classes might be free to Treasury, but they are paid for by exposing children to a foreign government's propaganda machine.

One Chinese-Australian parent, whose son is at a school where attendance at the Confucius Classrooms program is compulsory from kindergarten to year 2, said it was akin to "the infiltration of the Chinese Communist Party into the NSW public school system"...

Independent China expert Professor Jocelyn Chey of the University of Sydney said: "One might say that if a school program is 'just teaching language', it could not be political, but with Chinese everything is political."

File under: everything is political.

Alt-Right Australia on Reddit

There's now a news/discussion forum on Reddit for Australians on the Alternative-Right of politics.

Come along and join your fellow Australian thought-criminals, and put some sanity back into politics.

Response to Peter Drew's "Aussie" poster campaign

The previous graphic might have some copyright issues, so I took it down for now.

Meanwhile, here's a response to a poster campaign here in Australia by Peter Drew.

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File under: religion of peace?

Alt-Right Graphic: 1965 Immigration Act

While the verbal part of my brain is slowing down, the visual part is still functioning, so here is my first attempt at an Alt-Right propaganda graphic.

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File under: promises, promises.

More hold music ...

I'm slowing down with health problems these days, so progress on my new website has stalled. I only need a few days with a clear head to finish it off, but alas, good days are hard to come by at the moment.

My health has been declining for a long time but now my mind is slowing down too. So, after my new website is done, my productive days might be over and it might be time to hang up the keyboard. Such is life.

Meanwhile, here's another set of tunes to fill the silence.

File under: my opening farewell.